22 Marzo 2023

Flow begins by including the value stream – John Shook and Roberto Ronzani

VSM enables us see together, to understand together, to be able to act together, and, also, to think together in the interest of creating better flow of value for customers while providing meaningful ownership to the teams of people who do the actual work.
16 Marzo 2023

IVECO – Driving Operations Together (DOT). – Angelo Carlucci e Fabio Piccinelli

Un viaggio su come una inversione di marcia rispetto al passato, in un contesto di forte radicalizzazione di precedente sistema Lean e volontà di estensione fuori dal Manufacturing dell’Operational Excellence, rappresenti una grande opportunità di contribuzione ai risultati aziendali e al coinvolgimento dell’intera workforce.
8 Marzo 2023

GEDEON RICHTER – Outstanding results thanks to Agile

We have rethought how to work together by truly putting our customers at the center, breaking down functional silos and hierarchies. We have reduced the distance between customer and company, we have learned to work in cross-functional teams at all levels, giving our people: trust, autonomy and empowerment and above all a clear objective: “value for customers ".
1 Marzo 2023

DAB PUMPS – Agile meets Manufacturing – Enrico Pana & Milena Rigon

One of DAB's beliefs is that Agile does not mean applying a specific framework, obtaining certifications or having an agile coach in the company, but represents a predominantly cultural theme. The same logic also guides our "people strategy", which promotes an organizational model that can constantly adapt through a network of cross-functional teams that grow, learn and innovate in a continuous cycle of learning and development.
20 Febbraio 2023

SHELL – Rheinland Refinery – David Binnerts

Embracing Agile principles, Shell initiated a strategic shift in its approach to project management, focusing on flexibility, collaboration, and adaptability to navigate the complexities of refinery transformation. The Agile framework facilitates cross-functional teamwork, fostering communication and feedback loops among diverse teams involved in the refinery's transformation.
1 Febbraio 2023

Il racconto di un’esperienza che mi ha cambiato la vita – Stefano Guarnieri

La complessità fa parte sempre della nostra vita. Ci sono delle situazioni nelle quali le priorità del lavoro di tutti i giorni immediatamente diventano piccola cosa di fronte alla salita che la vita ti pone davanti in maniera improvvisa e inaspettata.
25 Gennaio 2023

How to create flow in complex environments – Dave Snowden

The way we make decisions is we scan about 3-5% of the available data. That's the most you'll take account of and it triggers a series of memories, cognitive memories, physical memories and social memories through stories of things we've heard from other people. We blend those together and the first blended pattern which fits, we apply. So based on a very partial data scan we basically do a first fit pattern match and we act accordingly.