Prof. Dave Snowden

SUMMIT LEAN E AGILE 2022 - Martedì 11 Ottobre Firenze, Italia


When you go to the Greek and Latin roots of the words Complexity and Complicated, Complicated is to fold and if you fold something, you can unfold it. Complex is to entangle and you can't untangle something once it's entangled. So complexity is a very different way of thinking.

The way we make decisions is we scan about 3-5% of the available data. That's the most you'll take account of and it triggers a series of memories, cognitive memories, physical memories and social memories through stories of things we've heard from other people. We blend those together and the first blended pattern which fits, we apply. So based on a very partial data scan we basically do a first fit pattern match and we act accordingly.

The good news of this, is there are huge opportunities out there waiting to be discovered but we don't see them because we do not see what we do not expect to see. So the process actually matters you can have the most gifted leaders, the most motivated people and the best mindsets, but the reality is if you haven't built a body of methods and tools and process, you will not survive as an organization. And, in complexity, how people connect is far more important than what they are.

Dave Snowden

Dave is the creator of the Cynefin Framework, and originated the design of SenseMaker®️, the world's first distributed ethnographic tool. He is the lead author of Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis: A field guide for decision makers, a joint effort between the Joint Research Center (JRC), the European Commission's science and knowledge service, and the Cynefin Center.



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