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10 October 2021

Agile organisations: efficient with a laser-like focus on customer value

Lean and Agile: a successful combination, starting from Toyota and in particular from the person who introduced the Agile methodology in the famous Japanese company: Nigel Thurlow. Nigel began his career at Toyota Motor Europe in 2005 and after moving to the United States in 2011 he [...]
23 March 2021

From Lean to Lean 'plus': how Agile principles help extend the concept of flow to cope with constant change.

Henry Ford developed the first assembly line in 1913 in Highland Park, Michigan. At the time, the concept was revolutionary and the word Flow was introduced for the first time, one of the guiding principles of today's Lean and Agile approach. In 1948, when Toyota began [...]
3 October 2020

Agility is an emerging attitude! Take care of these 4 aspects to improve the agility of your company!

Nigel's experience, which brings together the best of Toyota's culture with the agile mindset, shows how adopting Scrum - a framework that allows agile principles to be put into practice simply and effectively on individual teams - does not always and does not necessarily have the effect of triggering a [...]