Have the Old Principles betrayed us?

Prof. Richard Keegan

SUMMIT LEAN E AGILE 2022 - Martedì 11 Ottobre Firenze, Italia


Lean is a word we use to describe a thinking set which is about the engagement of the leaders with their people and the people with their leaders to try to make things better. It relies on visuals, being able to see the problems. It relies on being able to constantly see if it's getting better or getting worse.

Today we're dealing with all of these questions about creating and using the new technologies. We have to be sure we don't get blinded for the technology and understand why we want to use them. We have to understand the big why of where we're going to use the technology. To me this question of Agile or Digital or Digital Lean is irrelevant. It's about the mindset, the thinking of people, to try to make things better and how we use the technology to make things better. About how do we find ways to go from our problems to our Solutions using whatever tools are available to us today .

So Lean is not dead, Lean is only getting started. It's not just about being strictly Lean, it's about using the thinking to be able to make it work by looking at what people are trying to do, understanding what was adding value and focusing on them being able to add more value through their creativity.


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Richard Keegan

Professor at Trinity Business School and currently working with the Welsh Government and Toyota on introducing a multi-layered Lean approach to developing the competitiveness of Welsh businesses. He is a consultant of the World Class and Lean activities of the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Co-Operation.



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