Flow begins by including the value stream

John Shook and Roberto Ronzani

SUMMIT LEAN AND AGILE 2022 - Tuesday, Oct. 11 Florence, Italy


Given the theme of the conference and the contributions of Nigel Thurlow (Agile and Lean and Flow) and David Snowden (Agile and Lean and Complex Systems) and others, our contribution centers around "flow" and "systems" as viewed through the lens of the well-known lean tool of value stream mapping, or VSM.

VSM, as it was developed by Toyota and introduced to the world via the workbook Learning To See (LTS), is a tool or process or enabler to understand and improve the flow of value as a "material (work) and information (instructions) flow system." As such, VSM is nothing less than a system design tool for any enterprise endeavor, whether manufacturing or other.

At its most simple level of usage, VSM visualizes work so that teams of humans can *look together* at a map of the system within which they work, analyze its functioning, and design a better system for the team to strive for. Critical to that process are the questions to use to understand the functioning of the system, a useful set of which you can find at the beginning of Learning To See.

VSM enables us see together, to understand together, to be able to act together, and, also, to think together in the interest of creating better flow of value for customers while providing meaningful ownership to the teams of people who do the actual work.

A more complete summary and additional information about the topic are available at https://istitutolean.it/levoluzione-di-agile-e-lean-nellera-della-complessita/


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John Shook

Chairman, Lean Global Network

Shook is co-author of Learning to See, the book that introduced value-stream mapping to the world. He is also co-author of Kaizen Express, a bilingual handbook on the essential concepts and tools of the Toyota Production System. With Managing to Learn, Shook unveiled the deeper mechanisms of the A3 management process, which is at the heart of Toyota's management and leadership.

Roberto Ronzani

Lean Management Institute

Co-founder and Managing Director of the Lean Management Institute. For about 15 years committed to transferring "Lean competences" to people and organisations in Training and Coaching activities. He has had experience in implementing Lean Thinking in both Manufacturing and Product Development, as Technical Director and Industrial Director.



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